Calprotectin ELISA

Calprotectin ELISA

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Calprotectin ELISA Kit

Rapid human ELISA kits for medical research and clinical use.

  • Precoated ELISA plates and ready to use reagents
  • Easy to use with fast, reliable and reproducible results
  • CE certified for clinical diagnostic use
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  • ISO13485 certified manufacturer and distributor

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ELISA specification

96 well ELISA microplate

Incubation time: 1h 45 min (RT, shaking); 12 min RT

Range: 69.5 - 5560 ng/ml

Sensitivity: 120 ng/ml

Sample size: 50 - 100mg faecal stool sample

Sample type: faecal stool sample

Substrate: TMB 450nm

Further information

CE accredited ELISA kit for the determination of human facecal calprotectin levels in stool samples.

The validation data for this test was generated using Fecal Sample Collection Tube kit (50 tubes - DE843) and are available from us. Results may vary with different collection tubes.

The CE accredited Calprotectin ELISA test kit is intended for the quantitative determination of human calprotectin (neutrophil cytoplasmic protein S100A8/A9) levels in stool samples. The test is useful for detecting inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Quantitative determination of faecal calprotectin is an indication of the severity of bowel inflammation. Also, higher levels in the faeces are associated with an increased risk of relapse in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Low faecal calprotectin levels in stool samples correlate well with a low risk for intestinal allograft rejection.

This ELISA kit uses specific monoclonal antibodies to ensure that only calprotectin is detected.

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