About us

OpTIC Technology Centre, Glyndwr University, North Wales.Immunoassay.co.uk is run by JRBiomedical Ltd. Established in 2005, our R&D laboratories are based at the OpTIC Technology Centre, Glyndwr University in North Wales.

As well as distributing in vitro diagnostics and medical device to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals we also develop and manufacture for specialist applications.

Our aim is to provide easy access to high quality health care products building on over 25 years experience in immunoassay development

Combining an understanding of todays research and commercial laboratory requirements with first class customer service provided by our team of scientific, regulatory and clinical staff.

We look forward to working with you.

QUALITY POLICY (Updated 12/1/17)

JRBiomedical Ltd is a supplier of class 1 medical devices and in vitro diagnostic tests for both professional and self test use. The quality management system of JRBiomedical Ltd has been designed to comply with the international standard ISO 13485:2016 and to meet all the statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as those defined by its customers. The management of JRBiomedical is committed to the maintenance of the effectiveness and continual improvement of the quality management system and to ensuring that the quality policy and objectives are communicated to, understood and engaged with by all employees, and to provide the highest possible level of customer service and care.

The Quality Policy shall be regularly reviewed by Management Review to ensure its continuing relevance and suitability.

Quality Objectives

Our quality objectives are to;

  • - comply with all applicable regulations and requirements for the product
  • - maintain the effectiveness and continual improvement of the quality management system
  • - ensure that all employees are fully engaged with and aware of the quality system and objectives
  • - provide the highest level possible of customer service and care
  • - consistently reduce the level of customer complaints
  • - consistently reduce the level of audit noncompliances