IL-6 Sepsis Point of Care Test

IL-6 Sepsis Point of Care Test

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IL-6 Quantitative rapid point of care test for the early detection of sepsis

The Milenia QuickLine IL-6 immunoassay is a quantitative rapid lateral flow test for the measurement of human interleukin 6 (IL-6) in a sample of serum, plasma, amniotic fluid, csf or cell culture supernatant as an aid to the early diagnosis of sepsis. Raised levels of IL-6 frequently precede CRP in early sepsis. The test result can be read semi-quantitatively by reference to a colour chart provided with each kit.

CE accredited for clinical diagnostic use 98/79EC.

Package size: 20 tests

Assay time: 20 minutes at room temperature

Range: <50 to >10,000 pg/mL

Detection limit: 50 pg/mL

Evaluation: Semi-quantitative by reference to colour chart

Sample volume: 100 μL serum, plasma, CSF or cell culture supernatant

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The effectiveness of the Milenia IL-6 test has been published - see summary of bedside assessment of amniotic Interleukin-6 in PPROM

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